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Dali Courtyard Restaurant  ·  大里


Type:  Restaurants

This Yunnan restaurant is located in a traditional courtyard / Siheyuan residence near the Drum Tower. In the summer it's very comfortable to sit in the open courtyard to soak in the good food, soothing music and marvelous surroundings.

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Address: Dongcheng District, Gulou East Avenue (Gu Lou Dong Da Jie), Xiao Jing Chang Hu Tong
Address (Chinese): 东城区鼓楼东大街小经厂胡同67号
Phone:(010) 84041430
Directions:Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at the entrance of Xiao Jing Chang Hu Tong (小经厂胡同) - it's on the north side of Gu Lou Dong Da Jie (鼓楼东大街 or Drum Tower East Avenue in English). From the entrance of Xiao Jing Chang Hu Tong, walk north for about 200 meters until you see their sign and a small red lantern that marks the front door.

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