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LOFT 345  ·  艺术空间


Type:  Nightlife, Cultural

A factory turned into an art space made up of about forty studios, a gallery and full bar with billiards and foosball. They usually have live music on the weekends. Warning - only for the adventurous.. this offbeat bar and art space sits in an offbeat location that's hard to find.

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Address: Haizhu District, Jiang Nan East Road, No. 19 Qian Gui Da Jie. 4th floor of Xiao Gang Hua Yuan Building
Address (Chinese): 海珠区江南东路前桂大街19号晓港花园4楼
Phone:(020) 84238985
Hours:Tuesday - Sunday, from 8pm onwards
Directions:Subway Line 2 - Jiang Nan Xi Station, exit C. LOFT345 is about 400 meters east from the station, along the river / Jiang Nan Dong Lu (Jian Nan East Road). Walk along the river until the brick workshops end, then enter the left gate to the white building. The door is on the left side of the building; take the stairs to the 4th floor.

Map location of LOFT 345

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