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Shamian Island  ·  沙面岛


Type:  Architecture, Historical, Cultural

During the Qing dynasty this little island used to be divided between the British and French concessions in Guangzhou, who built it up into a small European enclave. Today many Victorian style villas, churches and other western style buildings can be found here. A good place to go if you need a break from the busy and noisy city center - it's nice to stroll through the leafy boulevards and colonial architecture on the island.

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Address: Li Wan District, Sha Mian Dao
Address (Chinese): 荔湾区沙面岛
Directions:Subway Line 1 - Huang Sha Station. Shamian Island is about 300 meters east of exit D of the subway station, across the water.

Videos of Shamian Island

Guangzhou, Shamian Island - Trip to China part 65 - Travel HD video
Ferry To Shamian Island, Guangzhou
China: Guangzhou (广州市) Shamian Island (沙面岛) (2/2) 2011-12-27(Tue)1016hrs
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Reviews, comments and tips by other travelers

23 Apr '09<br/>07:31 PM

"two days on Shamian Island"

I loved the quite streets and the laid back feeling. There is a Starbucks too. Near to the spice district it is an easy walk. Lucy's restaurant has a western feel to it if you are tired of Chinese food. I got some great deals with DONG at "Susan's Place".

Map location of Shamian Island

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