Beijing China military parade pictures & videos 2009

China is showing off lots of military hardware at the 60th anniversary National Day Parade in Beijing on October 1st 2009, including: guided missile launchers, ballistic missiles, tanks, helicopters, new fighter planes, fighter-bombers, AWACS, airborne refueling tankers, etc. Here are pictures and videos of these vehicles and aircraft swarming Beijing for the parade rehearsal (click on the thumbnails for bigger images) -

Lots of Chinese tanks and rocket/missile launchers:

Swarm of Chinese helicopter gunships (WZ-9):



Airborne refueling tanker with J-8 and J-10 jets:


Chinese AWACS aircraft in formation with jet fighters:

Chinese J-10 and J-11 jet fighters:


A video of tanks rumbling down Beijing’s Central Business District:

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  1. euks Says:

    Those tanks look like toy tanks, with all those colors on them. NICE!

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